Man vs God

Horses charged to the sound of beating drums. Heavy steps plowed down the snowy hillside. Bodies and horses covered every inch of ground.

They were a swarm of sweat and rage running, not marching, into battle; Their cry was an inhuman roar silencing all sound because this was a revolt for freedom. Freedom, not from bondage or tyranny, but from creation.

The thick clouds dispersed and from the heavens, they descended. They swooped down on wings soft as snowflakes, but swift and deadly as swords.

In the forest, a patch snow began to melt turning into a whirlpool of dirt and rock. Birds, snakes, and deer succumbed to the spiraling death trap. Trees snapped and sank into the massive hole then everything stopped. Clouds of sulfur billowed and from them emerged hell’s creatures.

Skinless, human-like creatures flapped their wings. Blood oozed from their every orifice. And the beasts which had no wings had charred skin which curled like tree bark.

Demons and angels flew together zig-zagging through snow-covered trees. Together they soared above the blackened demons now trudging through thick snow.

But the rebellious army showed no sign of retreat. Their leader led the charge. His horse, a patchwork of brown and white colors, zipped ahead to the base of the hillside.

There was a clearing separating the hill from the forest. As had been foretold, this would be the final battle.

Before leading his army of men and women he shouted, “For unity! For humanity! And above all, for freedom!”

Here’s my take on today’s prompt: Mythical

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