You Lie!

Her dress flapped in the air like a pair of black wings. A hot breeze rolled across the desert throwing sand into her eyes. She tugged at her headscarf to cover her face. "My it's hot!" she said. "Not for me," said a high-pitched voice. She turned towards the voice. Syed gave a mocking smile,... Continue Reading →

The Spitting Cave

As the light grew dim, Jai was sucked into the underwater caves, and that's when he felt a soft, squishy thing graze his waist. The thing gently pushed him to one side. He swam away from the cave to get a better look.

A Wicked Family

He stood on the starting block with his eyes locked on the end of the pool. A warmth came over him as though the sunlight beamed solely on him. The starting pistol took everyone by surprise, but not him. Tyler dove in and swam as smooth as a ripple drifting across the pool. Before he realized... Continue Reading →

Murderous Demons

Grandfather handed her the sledgehammer. The stone wall cracked with each blow. Sharp bits of rock flung to her face. They trekked a mile into the earth to find this, but then a sound echoed down the narrow passage. Grandfather moved the torch towards the noise. At first, there was nothing, but soon a pair eyes... Continue Reading →

The Man and the Crow

Despite the thick looming overcast, reporters from across the country descended upon the quaint suburban town. Within minutes, all eyes were on this modest two-story home. A crow noticing the commotion swooped down and perched himself on an open window. Inside, a woman was sitting on a sofa and sobbing into her hands. Her husband glued... Continue Reading →

Love You Always

Sunlight poured through the window. He woke to the sight of her bare shoulders. The space between them filled with her tousled hair. Grabbing her waist, he pulled her; Their naked bodies came together. She turned to meet his gaze. They smiled mischievously at each other for they knew what was to come. Her fingers combed through... Continue Reading →

Restless Night

I fell asleep with the T.V. on mute. The television's flashing light illuminated the walls. My hand flopped around the bed searching for the remote. I gave up and grabbed my bed cover, but when I yanked it over, I exposed my feet to the chilly night. I sighed then drifted off to sleep. Minutes later, I... Continue Reading →

What Have I Done?

The maritime fog had forced its way inland. He nervously tapped his fingers on the steering wheel and thought to himself, what have I done? The truck jerked as it bounced along the dirt road. Tosh checked on Mura, who was staring out the passenger window unaware of his gaze. Her red hair mesmerized him. She... Continue Reading →

Rainforest Planet

Here is a strange short story about a couple of rescuers named Aurora and Samuel. On this mission, they find themselves in a tricky bind. There is slight sci-fi element to this one! The sun inched closer to the seemingly infinite stretch of rainforest. Aurora clung to life, her legs dangled in the air. She was thrown... Continue Reading →

Man vs God

Horses charged to the sound of beating drums. Heavy steps plowed down the snowy hillside. Bodies and horses covered every inch of ground. They were a swarm of sweat and rage running, not marching, into battle; Their cry was an inhuman roar silencing all sound because this was a revolt for freedom. Freedom, not from bondage... Continue Reading →

Three nights

With a grin on his face, he walked down the hallway. The carpet squeaked.  He glanced over his shoulder. His smile vanished at the sight of her. Ron's door was ajar and peeking from the darkened crack were a pair of bulging eyes staring at him.

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