Square Hole

There was a square hole in his cell. It shined just enough light for him to see the black stone walls which imprisoned him. He stood on his toes, but his fingertips barely grazed the metal bars. He leaned against the wall feeling its coolness against his bare chest.

On Tenterhooks

Her heart began to pulsate. She knew what she'd have to do, but could she do it? She had stretched animal skin across wood planks and clip them onto tenterhooks, but she never skinned one, let alone killed one.

My Tangerine Girl

She had tangerine hair. Thick and tangled like an unkempt bush. Every spring after the snow had melted, we hurled ourselves into the backwoods, and like wild boars, we charged.

Hard to Say

Joseph stared into the dirt hole at the two skeletal remains. They were perfectly intact, but their bones were visibly brittle as though a light breeze could shatter them at any moment. He stepped into the pit carefully so not to disturb them. Their skulls were smooth, their rib cages unbroken, and their femurs solid.... Continue Reading →


She peered at him through the window. He and several other men worked to move a wagon stuck in the mud. Brushing his fingers through his hair, he wiped the sweat from his brow. Her knees grew weak at the sight of him; she instantly fell into a memory. Her fingers unbuttoning his coat, her... Continue Reading →

Love You Always

Sunlight poured through the window. He woke to the sight of her bare shoulders. The space between them filled with her tousled hair. Grabbing her waist, he pulled her; Their naked bodies came together. She turned to meet his gaze. They smiled mischievously at each other for they knew what was to come. Her fingers combed through... Continue Reading →


He rubbed his hands over his chest and belly button. His stomach protruded outward; he had a pregnant woman's physique. The full-length mirror gave a  whole view not just of the hotel room with its tan walls and cream colored sheets, but of the parts of him which sagged and folded. He tapped his pecks,... Continue Reading →

Protesting in Autumn

Eucalyptus trees lined the streets. Red and orange leaves showered Petunia and her mother as they walked down the sidewalk. Petunia bent down to pick a leaf off the ground, but mother pulled her along. A gust of wind swept through hurling the leaves into the air. Mother clenched Petunia’s hand firmly; Petunia wondered if... Continue Reading →

National Oversight Agency

The office was a maze of cubicles. Eugene stopped to chat with a  few coworkers. When he reached his cubicle, he sat down and opened his bag of chips. He reached for the mini-fridge he kept under his desk to grab a soda can. He popped it open. He typed into the search bar: Mollyparks2001@freemail.com. Molly Park's information popped... Continue Reading →

Dying in the Desert

The heat blistered his lips. His arms and legs were red and raw. His back had developed full oozing boils which had grown infected from flies picking at them. He had been walking towards the sun for five days. His body ached, his arms drooped to his side as he pushed his legs forward. A... Continue Reading →

A Father’s Unseen Affection

He kissed his wife on the cheek, she snored. He slipped slowly and quietly off the bed, but the wood floor creaked beneath his weight. He peered back at his wife, who let out another heavy snore, he continued to the bathroom. He did as he had done every day for ten years. He brushed... Continue Reading →

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