Just Another Day

Marlee glanced at the counters, then noticed a boy and girl crouching behind the stool in front of the register. And yet their eyes were not on her; they were on something behind her. She turned and saw an older boy holding a thick laptop over his head ready to smack her. She could tell by the worried expression on his face that he wouldn't do it

The Prison Center

"Ms. Fern, if could, please tell me how you arrived here?" he interlocked his hands together, resting them on his lap. "How?" she said confused by the question. "Yes, what circumstances and choices led you, here?" said Dr. Stevens. "You mean, why was I sent to prison?" she asked. "Shelley," he shifted in his chair to... Continue Reading →

By Invitation Only

She turned the key to her apartment then threw her weight against the door till it popped open. “Louis, I’m home,” she said. She saw him so rarely she began to think he was a hallucination. A sad, depressing hallucination. She tossed her keys onto the kitchen counter then flipped on the light switch. The linoleum floor... Continue Reading →

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