You Lie!

Her dress flapped in the air like a pair of black wings. A hot breeze rolled across the desert throwing sand into her eyes. She tugged at her headscarf to cover her face. "My it's hot!" she said. "Not for me," said a high-pitched voice. She turned towards the voice. Syed gave a mocking smile,... Continue Reading →

The Spitting Cave

As the light grew dim, Jai was sucked into the underwater caves, and that's when he felt a soft, squishy thing graze his waist. The thing gently pushed him to one side. He swam away from the cave to get a better look.

A Wicked Family

He stood on the starting block with his eyes locked on the end of the pool. A warmth came over him as though the sunlight beamed solely on him. The starting pistol took everyone by surprise, but not him. Tyler┬ádove in and swam as smooth as a ripple drifting across the pool. Before he realized... Continue Reading →

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