You Lie!

Her dress flapped in the air like a pair of black wings. A hot breeze rolled across the desert throwing sand into her eyes. She tugged at her headscarf to cover her face. "My it's hot!" she said. "Not for me," said a high-pitched voice. She turned towards the voice. Syed gave a mocking smile,... Continue Reading →

The Man and the Crow

Despite the thick looming overcast, reporters from across the country descended upon the quaint suburban town. Within minutes, all eyes were on this modest two-story home. A crow noticing the commotion swooped down and perched himself on an open window.¬†Inside, a woman was sitting on a sofa and sobbing into her hands. Her husband glued... Continue Reading →

Lofty Leaders

He closed his eyes picturing a river of fresh water. He imagined plump berries popping in his mouth, but when he opened his eyes, he saw only a dry stream covered with deep cracks. The dry air made his mouth salivate.

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