Walking Home from School

I pulled off my hoodie letting my pigtails and frizz fly free. My fingers strummed against the cement wall. The roughness scraped my fingertips. On the other side was a mobile home park for the elderly which was usually quiet. This side of the wall was usually quiet, but something unexpected caught my eye. The... Continue Reading →

Walking the Dog

It wasn't a hiking trail, just a dirt path lined with thin and thick trees. Their branches stretched out in all directions; I never could tell when one branch began, and another ended, but their tips touched creating a dome of branches and leaves.

Fainting at the O.C. Fair

Riley laughed while fanning his face with a hat. The scorching heat must've kept people at home because the walkways were empty. They strolled hand-in-hand glancing at the gimmicky sideshows which lined their path. The small trailers were painted to look like different sceneries from barns to swamps. Each container held an animal that was either the world's largest,  longest, or smallest.

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