The keys jingled as he unlocked the door. His fingers were red from the plastic grocery bags digging into his skin. He kicked open the door immediately smelling the metallic aroma. A thin grey cloud enveloped every corner of the apartment. In the kitchen, a pot was burning on the stove. He dumped the bags... Continue Reading →

Serving Death for Breakfast

His wet hair damped his shirt collar. His hands shook as he fiddled with his bow tie.  A velvet box was secured tightly in his hands. With his thumb, he stroked the soft fibers of its lid then pried it open. A heart-shaped necklace with the words: Gladys My Love, You Hold My Heart. His... Continue Reading →


The weather was filthy. A mixture of sewage and smog which clung to my clothes. When the car stopped, the rain began to pour. “Well, that’s bad luck,” said the driver flipping on the windshield wipers. I pushed some money his way and stepped out, then, quite suddenly, an umbrella appeared. With his toothy smile... Continue Reading →

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