Walking the Dog

It wasn't a hiking trail, just a dirt path lined with thin and thick trees. Their branches stretched out in all directions; I never could tell when one branch began, and another ended, but their tips touched creating a dome of branches and leaves.


His hands wrapped around my throat. I never could look him in the eye, so I stared past him to the bumpy, drab ceiling. My cheeks swelled as though my face were going to explode. He released me. The spring bed beneath me squeaked. My face pulsated. I slowly rose from the bed. Lucy scurried into... Continue Reading →

She’s Gone

The lights in the room had dimmed. My little dog was wrapped in a blue blanket. She looked like a delicate fawn cradled in the vets' arms. She usually scurried at my feet with her tail wagging, but tonight not a single part of her twitched with excitement. She didn't sniff every corner of the new room... Continue Reading →

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