Square Hole

There was a square hole in his cell. It shined just enough light for him to see the black stone walls which imprisoned him. He stood on his toes, but his fingertips barely grazed the metal bars. He leaned against the wall feeling its coolness against his bare chest.

Dying in the Desert

The heat blistered his lips. His arms and legs were red and raw. His back had developed full oozing boils which had grown infected from flies picking at them. He had been walking towards the sun for five days. His body ached, his arms drooped to his side as he pushed his legs forward. A... Continue Reading →

Serving Death for Breakfast

His wet hair damped his shirt collar. His hands shook as he fiddled with his bow tie.  A velvet box was secured tightly in his hands. With his thumb, he stroked the soft fibers of its lid then pried it open. A heart-shaped necklace with the words: Gladys My Love, You Hold My Heart. His... Continue Reading →

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