You Lie!

Her dress flapped in the air like a pair of black wings. A hot breeze rolled across the desert throwing sand into her eyes. She tugged at her headscarf to cover her face. "My it's hot!" she said. "Not for me," said a high-pitched voice. She turned towards the voice. Syed gave a mocking smile,... Continue Reading →

Love You Always

Sunlight poured through the window. He woke to the sight of her bare shoulders. The space between them filled with her tousled hair. Grabbing her waist, he pulled her; Their naked bodies came together. She turned to meet his gaze. They smiled mischievously at each other for they knew what was to come. Her fingers combed through... Continue Reading →

Second Thoughts

She thought of his body swaying back and forth as the tide receded, boots rushing over him as bullets flew past. Or had he made it to shore? Had he trudged through the sandy beach? Had he fallen while tending to a brother?

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