A Wicked Family

He stood on the starting block with his eyes locked on the end of the pool. A warmth came over him as though the sunlight beamed solely on him. The starting pistol took everyone by surprise, but not him. Tyler dove in and swam as smooth as a ripple drifting across the pool. Before he realized... Continue Reading →

What Have I Done?

The maritime fog had forced its way inland. He nervously tapped his fingers on the steering wheel and thought to himself, what have I done? The truck jerked as it bounced along the dirt road. Tosh checked on Mura, who was staring out the passenger window unaware of his gaze. Her red hair mesmerized him. She... Continue Reading →

Three nights

With a grin on his face, he walked down the hallway. The carpet squeaked.  He glanced over his shoulder. His smile vanished at the sight of her. Ron's door was ajar and peeking from the darkened crack were a pair of bulging eyes staring at him.

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