A person, I assumed an assistant, held an umbrella over the man’s head. There wasn't a single crease on the man’s suit, and his chin was smoother than marble. I knew instantly that he was the hotel manager. I’d never been inside a five-star hotel. If my kind were lucky enough to travel we stayed at a damp, hole-in-the-wall motel, but this place was bright, shiny, and reeked of uselessness. Nearly everyone wore bright, flashy clothes thin enough to reveal their nipples. A pink poodle rushed past me its owner was tall with straight silky hair.

A Tart Night

She peeled off her jeans slipping into a black dress, his favorite color. She pulled a black silicone mask from her backpack. After running it through hot water, she stuck it to her face. A few minutes later it hardened. The mask covered her forehead, nose, and parts of her cheeks leaving her lips exposed. The mask contoured perfectly to the curves of her face; this always awed her.

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