Walking Home from School

I pulled off my hoodie letting my pigtails and frizz fly free. My fingers strummed against the cement wall. The roughness scraped my fingertips. On the other side was a mobile home park for the elderly which was usually quiet. This side of the wall was usually quiet, but something unexpected caught my eye. The... Continue Reading →

High School English Class

Mrs. Willow was a red-haired hippie with a heart full of kindness. When the class read Shakespeare, she brought hats with feathers, fake daggers, and a plastic skull. That year, and every year after, the office would run out of paper leaving teachers to scratch their head as to how they would administer an exam.... Continue Reading →

The Playground Copycat

Her hair was a long wiry mess, and her t-shirt had an orange stain on it. I buried my head in my book. I knew who she was; she was that girl. The one with the smelly greasy hair, the dirty clothes, and the sneakers ripped at the bottom. She was the weird one that other kids made fun of, but that wasn't me. I was the quiet one that nobody noticed and I preferred it that way. The next day she found me again.

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